Point of Honor
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Who Lived Here?

Significant dates from Point of Honor's past

Timeline of History

Early Period—Lynch Family

  • 1745: John Bolling receives land patent, holds land for 2 years
  • 1746: Charles Lynch purchases land
  • 1753: Christopher Lynch inherits & possibly builds a house on the land
  • 1786: Samuel Mitchell marries Nancy Ann Lynch
  • 1803: Lewellen Jones purchase the land—already owns 3 farms in Bedford

Cabell Period

  • 1805: Dr. George Cabell Sr. purchases land, builds tobacco warehouse on lower end of property
  • 1806-1810: Cabell seeks General Assembly approval for town and bridge—he is denied
  • 1815: Builds Point of Honor and moves family from Lynchburg into house
  • 1823: George Cabell Sr. dies and his son William Lewis Cabell inherits
  • 1826: George’s wife Sarah dies
  • 1828: William Lewis Cabell marries Eliza Daniel and leases Point of Honor to Henry Langhorne
  • 1829: Langhorne’s lease expires, the house is updated and William and Eliza move in
  • 1830: They both die, within months of each other 

Daniel Period

  • 1830: Judge William Daniel Sr. inherits Point of Honor
  • 1831: Judge Daniel Sr. updates the house and redecorates
  • 1836: His daughter Elvira marries Charles Ellet Jr.
  • 1839: Judge Daniel Sr. dies and William Daniel Jr. inherits
  • 1841: William Daniel Jr. updates house including adding stucco to the exterior. He also marries Sarah Ann Warwick late in the year.
  • 1843: John Warwick Daniel born at Point of Honor
  • 1845: William Daniel Jr.’s wife Sarah dies and he puts the house up for sale

Payne/Owen Period

  • 1848: David Bryce Payne purchases Point of Honor and begins remodeling the house in the Italianate Style likely adding the porch that stayed on the house until the renovations in the 1970s
  • 1857: Judge William Daniel Jr. buys the house back from Payne and leases it to John S. Langhorne
  • 1862: Robert Latham Owen purchases Point of Honor; he is President of the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad during the Civil War

Lichford Period

  • 1872: Woodruff and Spence purchase the house and rent it
  • 1875: T.V. Strange & L.E. Lichford purchase the house
  • 1876: L.E. Lichford becomes the sole owner of Point of Honor and three generations of Lichfords live at the house

The Restoration Period

  • 1928: James R. Gilliam Jr. purchases Point of Honor and turns it over to the city of Lynchburg as a recreation center
  • 1967: Al Chambers writes “Point of Honor: Its Past and Its Potential”
  • 1968: Lynchburg Historical Foundation receives deed from the city
  • 1971: Katharine Garland Diggs dies and leaves a bequest to establish a museum
  • 1976-1978: The house’s structure and architecture are restored, the Museum System is created, the Garden Club of Virginia provides the landscaping, and the houses opens as a public museum