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Thank You for your Support and Generosity

Recent Artifact Donations

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Moyer Collection

Donated by Carlton M Moyer, Jr. & Patricia Moyer Godsie

Maynard I. Moyer was killed while serving aboard the USS Frederick C. Davis in April 1945

Other Donations Include:

  • Uniforms and photographs relating to the army career of Major Langston Scott II from 1991-2016 donated by Major Langston Scott II
  • Thimble from McGehee Furniture Co (ca. 1915), First Day issue stamp Amazement Square's Lynch's Ferry Festival (2007), Candles from the Cottage Stiltroom & Candle Factory (ca. 1985), American Association of University Women recipe booklet (1980), Watercolor painting of Henry Harrison House by S.W. Saunders (1979), Dameron family photographs and funeral booklet (ca. 1890-1910) donated by Dr.'s Clifton & Dorothy Potter
  • 38 documents including maps, historic photographs, and business correspondence ca. 1930-1970 donated by William Inge 
  • G. Woolworth Colton Civil War railroad map of Middle Virginia ca. early 20th century, photo of African American draftees at Union Station 1943, autographed print of Lynchburg Cardinals 1955, and postcards of Virginia Christian College 1906, Virginia College baseball team 1907, and Randolph College 1906 donated by the estate of James L. Owens
  • 3 golfing trophies awarded to J.W. Carroll Jr. between 1904-1924 donated by John Carroll Cavanagh
  • 1947 postcard of Lynchburg College and image of Rev. S.A. Garland D.D. ca. 1890 donated by Dr. Gregory P. Sullivan
  • 16 photographic prints of Lynchburg trains, signal towers, and stations ca. 1890s-1930s donated by Kathy Riddle
  • 34 World War II era photographs, 2 name cards, Lynchburg Sesquicentennial wooden nickel, Gold Star Memorial booklet 1946, and a typewriting certificate 1943 donated by Gary Templeton
  • Documents, historic photographs, and uniforms related to the World War II service of Maynard I. Moyer and Carlton M. Moyer donated by Carlton M. Moyer Jr. and Patricia Moyer Godsie
  • Postcard book of "Masterpieces of American Paintings from Randolph-Macon Woman's College" ca. 1990 and a program from E.C. Glass's production of Li'l Abner, 1964 donated by June W. Echols
  • Sewing case from the Arlington Hotel, ca. 1900 donated by Beverly Washington-Moore
  • 3 Lynchburg Standard mason jars and 2 glass insulators made by Lynchburg Glass Corporation ca. 1924 and 1 glass insulator made by Gayner Glass Works ca. 1920s donated by Wanda P. Yoder 
  • 8 soda bottles, 2 beer bottles, a glass insulator, a small crock, and a metal cosmetic container all from the late 19th-early 20th century found in the James River and donated by Parham R. and Patricia Fox

Annual Fund: July 1, 2016-September 28, 2017

Exhibit Funding Support ($500-$1000)
Bank of the James
Lynchburg Fire Department Museum, Inc.
Military Order of the Purple Heart, Chapter 1607
Military Order World Wars, Piedmont Virginia Chapter
The Greater Lynchburg Community Trus

Monument Terrace Society ($2500 or more)

John Lynch Society ($1000 or more)
Mrs. Mary Morris Booth
     Honor: Douglas K. Harvey
Dr. & Mrs. Stuart W. Brust
Mrs. Richard P. DuFour
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Garbee
Mrs. Langhorne L. McCarthy
     Memory: Lynn Dodge

Court House Hill Society ($500-$999)
Ms. Catherine C. Barrett
     Memory: Frank Craddock
     Honor: Eleanor Dolen

Ms. Lynn Dodge
     Memory: Elizabeth O. Watson
Dr. & Mrs. H.C. Eschenroeder, Jr.
Mrs. Charlotte A. Fischer
Mr. Chiswell D. Langhorne, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. B.A. Langley

Dr. Cabell Society ($250-$499)
Dr. & Mrs. John B. Arnold
Mrs. Nancy C. Booth
     Memory: Richard Booth
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Bowden
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Brennan
Ms. Hannah B. Burruss
Mrs. Frances Calhoun
Ms. Jean Devine
     Memory: Warren Ayers, III
Dr. & Mrs. James G. Hunter, Jr.
Mr. Norman D. Jones
Lynchburg Road Runners Club
     Memory: Karen Shroyer
Mr. H. Victor Millner, Jr.
Hon. Norman Moon
Old Dominion Box Co. Foundation, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Kimball Payne, III
Mr. & Mrs. Edgar T. Perrow
Mr. W. Alan Smith, Jr.
Mrs. Martha B. Strader
     Memory: Betsy Strode
Mrs. Mary Norvell Thomson
     Memory: Sandra Whitehead

Daniel's Hill Society ($100-$249)
Dr. & Mrs. William E. Albers
Miss Ann B. App
Dr. Barbara & Mr. Stephen Arthur
Dr. & Mrs. Charles V. Ashworth, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Reginald C. Berry
Ms. Elizabeth Bibee
     Honor: Elizabeth Hutter
Mr. David Bice
Mrs. Sallie C. Blosser
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Bohnert
Ms. Carolyn Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Brown
Mr. & Mrs. John T. Bruce
Mrs. William T. Brunson, Jr.
Mr. Edward A. Buckley
Mr. Hank Burchard
Mr. Larry Burruss
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Burruss, III
Ms. Margaret Burton
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel P. Cardwell
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Carrington
Dr. & Mrs. Francis Carter
     Honor: John Acree Fauntleroy
Dr. & Mrs. Charles J. Catalano
Mr. Bruce Christian
Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Cook
Mr. George G. Costas, III
Dr. & Mrs. R. Drake Covey
Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Craighill
Hon. & Mrs. Jesse Crumbley
     Honor: Whitney Roberts
Ms. Catherine C Dalton
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Davidson
Mr. & Mrs. Guy Dirom, II
Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Doucette
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Driscoll
Lt. GEN Walter D. Druen USAF (Ret.)
     Memory: Alpha Druen
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Eastman
Dr. James M. Elson
     Honor: Doug Harvey
Mr. & Mrs. Garrett T. Ford
Dr. & Mrs. Parham R. Fox
Dr. & Mrs. David W. Frantz
Dr. & Mrs. William E. Gayle, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Geoghegan
Mr. & Mrs. Carter Glass, IV
Mrs. Doni C. Guggenheimer
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry A. Hampton
Mrs. Richard A. Harris, Jr.
     Memory: Richard Adams Harris, Jr.
Ms. Helen B. Harrison
     Memory: William Randolph Kizer
Mr. & Mrs. David Hartman
     Honor: Joe Seiffert
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas K. Harvey
Mrs. Helen B. Harvey
     Memory: Dr. Rick DuFour
Dr. & Mrs. William Hobbs
Mrs. Elizabeth D. Hutter
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh J.M. Jones, III
Ms. Jenny Jones
Mr. B.J. "Bev" Jordan
Mr. Albert Kemper
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kunze
     Memory: Ada McDaniel Nolan
Mr. & Mrs. Lester Lamb
Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Langley
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Langhans
Mr. H. Gordon Leggett, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Leslie
Mr. Howard Ligon
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Liston
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney E. Lorence
Mrs. George G. Loving
     Memory: Lt. Gen. George Loving
Lynchburg Restoration, Inc.
Ms. Catherine Lynn
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Madden
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Mayo
Mr. William N. Mays
Mr. & Mrs. James. L. McDermott
Mrs. Hope McRorie
     Memory: William E. McRorie
Michael's Carpet World
     Memory: Charles Nathan Davidson
Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. Morris
     Memory: John & Elizabeth Morris
Mr. Richard T. Mosby
Ms. Betsy Nolan
     Memory: Ada McDaniel Nolan
Dr. Thomas Nygaard
Mr. & Mrs. David T. Petty, Jr.
Ms. Nancy R. Roddey
Mrs. Richard Royer
     Memory: Dick Royer
Mrs. Mary Ann Sankovich
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Scalf
Hon. & Mrs. Elliot S. Schewel
Mr. Jack Schewel
Mr. Marc A. Schewel
Mr. & Mrs. Josepth Seiffert
     Honor: Ed Tinsley
Mr. & Mrs. William Semones
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Shahady
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond D. Stokes
The Woman's Club of Lynchburg
Mr. Samuel Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Turner, III
Mr. & Mrs. William Van Allen, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. David Vaughn
Ms. J. Marie Waller
Mr. & Mrs. Peter O. Ward, Jr.
     Honor: Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Mayo
Mr. & Mrs. Massie G. Ware, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Watts
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Wayt
Dr. & Mrs. Kyle W. Wheeler
Mrs. Jane B. White
Hon. & Mrs. Paul Whitehead, Jr.
Mrs. Carole Whittle
     Memory: Gustav H. Stalling, III
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Wood
     Memory: Sally Sackett Walker
Mr. Seymour Woodnick
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Wright


James River Society ($1-$99)
Dr. & Mrs. Lewis A. Arthur
     Honor: Tom Ledford
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ayres
Mr. & Mrs. Alex W. Bell
     Honor: W. Alan Smith
Ms. Bonnie Benedict
Miss Mary Douglas Boldrick
Mr. John Briar, III
     Memory: William H. Parrent
Mr. Robert E. Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Buhler
Mr. James J. Carrington
Mrs. Muriel Casey
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Clarke
Mrs. Martha Conde
Mr. Timothy Courvillie
     Honor: Sydney Courville
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Crowther
Daughters of the American Revolution, Chapter 2076-VA
Mr. & Mrs. William Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Ethan DeSilvey
     Honor: Ed Tinsley
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Desmond, Jr.
     Memory: Dave Wallace
     Honor: Jean Desmond Wallace

Ms. Eleanor Dovel
Mr. John D. Doyle, Jr.
Mr. Cabell Dudley, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Eldon Easter
Dr. & Mrs. Porter Echols
     Honor: Tom Ledford
Dr. & Mrs. B. Prescott Edmunds, Jr.
     Memory: Mr. & Mrs. B. Prescott Edmunds, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert I. Elliott
Dr. & Mrs. Fred L. Fauber
Ms. Judy Ferguson
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Fielding
Ms. Kay Ellen Fielder
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Freeman, III
Dr. Robert Galloway
     Honor: Lynn Dodge
Mr. & Mrs. James Garber
     Memory: Steve Garber
Mr. & Mrs. Don M. Giles
     Honor: Woody Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Gillette
Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Glenn
Mr. & Mrs. R. Gene Goley
Mr. & Mrs. William R. Goodman
Mr. & Mrs. G. Howard Gregory
Maj. Gen. Max Guggenheimer, Jr., Ret
Ms. Ann Harper
Mr. & Mrs. Garland Harper
Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Harrington
Drs. Norman & Joanna Harris
Mr. Patrick Harvey
Mr. & Mrs. Sanford Hellman
Mr. William Hildebrandt
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Hodgdon
Dr. & Mrs. Harvey Huiner
Mr. & Mrs. George Hutter
Ms. Joan S. Jones
Dr. & Mrs. Christopher King
     Honor: Mr. & Mrs. Ken Harris
Ms. Diane Kizer
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kolodny
Kroger Community Rewards Program
Ms. Ogla Kronmeyer
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Layne
     Honor: Doug Harvey
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lembas
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Lightle
Mr. & Mrs. H. Michael Lucado, Jr.
Mr. Charles Mann
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Mason
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mason
Ms. Suzanne Mason
Mr. Edward McCann
Mr. C. Robert McDaniel, Jr.
Mr. Christopher C. Mehalic
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Meyer
Mr. Charles A. Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Morrison, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Nelson
     Honor: Doug Harvey
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Newmark
Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Niles
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel J. O'Kane, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Osteen
Ms. Karen Painter
Mr. Andrew Pearson
Mrs. Helen E. Petrill
Dr. Edward Polloway
Dr. & Mrs. T. Joseph Pond
Drs. Cilfton & Dorothy Potter
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Powell
Mr. & Mrs. Gareth Quale
Mr. William Quillian
     Honor: Mr. & Mrs. Tom Ledford
Ms. La Verne Reid
     Memory: Henry McCray
Mr. John F. Richards
Dr. John C. Risher
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Roberts
Dr. & Mrs. J. Mott Robertson, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Robinson
Capt. & Mrs. Jeffery W. Schneider
Mr. Gerald F. Sherayko
Mr. Richard Skulina
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Smallshaw
Mrs. Charlotte S. Smith
Dr. & Mrs. Eric J. Sorenson
Mrs. Edith Stadler
Mr. Gary Talkington
The Clock Shop
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Tweedy
     Honor: Helen Harvey, Doug & Debbie Harvey
Dr. & Mrs. Ken West
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Whitehurst
Rev. & Mrs. Robert A. Wilson
Ms. Josephine B. Woods
Mr. & Mrs. R.B. Worthington, II

Total Contributions from July 1, 2016 through September 28, 2017: $43,474.82