Point of Honor
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Thank You for your Support and Generosity

Recent Artifact Donations

  • Documents, historic photographs, and uniforms related to the World War II service of Maynard I. Moyer and Carlton M. Moyer donated by Carlton M. Moyer Jr. and Patricia Moyer Godsie
  • Postcard book of "Masterpieces of American Paintings from Randolph-Macon Woman's College" ca. 1990 and a program from E.C. Glass's production of Li'l Abner, 1964 donated by June W. Echols
  • Sewing case from the Arlington Hotel, ca. 1900 donated by Beverly Washington-Moore
  • 3 Lynchburg Standard mason jars and 2 glass insulators made by Lynchburg Glass Corporation ca. 1924 and 1 glass insulator made by Gayner Glass Works ca. 1920s donated by Wanda P. Yoder 
  • 8 soda bottles, 2 beer bottles, a glass insulator, a small crock, and a metal cosmetic container all from the late 19th-early 20th century found in the James River and donated by Parham R. and Patricia Fox
  • Three Piedmont Airline glasses, a Piedmont Airline drink coupon booklet, three measuring sticks for shoes, and a collection of tools used to make and repair shoes from the mid-20th century including: a stapler for dance shoes, button hook, strikes, a claw tool, cutting tool, clamping tool, hammers, an awl with addtional needles, and an iron "L" used for repairing and dying shoes donated by Mary Lou and Wes Bowles.
  • The lead proof and one of the first strikes of the Mayor's Medal celebrating Lynchburg's Bicentennial in 1986 donated by Dr. Dorothy Potter
  • U.S. Army Combat Uniform ca. 2004, 2 images of 701st E Company in Iraq, and image of Hawana Lewis at Lynchburg Regional Airport with Mayor Thornhill donated by Hawana Lewis
  • A Pair of Cufflinks and Pendant made from the King Field House at Virginia Episocpal School, Jefferson Cup, Shopping Bag, and Box donated by Bowen Jewelry Company  
  • Buckingham & Flippin box, Phillip's box, World War Two ration books, and travel documents from American, Piedmont, and Delta airlines 1950s-1960s donated by Susan Spencer
  • Point of Honor 5K 10th Anniversary commemorative medal donated by Kevin Shroyer
  • Photos of Lynchburg General Hospital from 1930s-1940s donated by Penny Garber

Annual Fund: August 1, 2016-December 31, 2016

Exhibit Funding Support ($500-$1000)
Bank of the James
Lynchburg Fire Department Museum, Inc.
Military Order of the Purple Heart, Chapter 1607

Monument Terrace Society ($2500 or more)

John Lynch Society ($1000 or more)
Dr. & Mrs. Stuart W. Brust

Court House Hill Society ($500-$999)
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Bowden
Mr. Chiswell D. Langhorne, Jr.

Dr. Cabell Society ($250-$499)
Dr. & Mrs. John B. Arnold
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Brennan
Mrs. Frances Calhoun
Old Dominion Box Co. Foundation, Inc.
Mr. W. Alan Smith, Jr.

Daniel's Hill Society ($100-$249)
Dr. & Mrs. William E. Albers
Miss Ann B. App
Dr. & Mrs. Charles V. Ashworth, Jr.
Ms. Catherine C. Barrett
     Memory: Frank Craddock
Mr. & Mrs. Reginald C. Berry
Mr. Edward A. Buckley
Mr. Hank Burchard
Mr. & Mrs. William H. Burruss, III
Ms. Margaret Burton
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel P. Cardwell
Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Cook
Mr. George G. Costas, III
Dr. & Mrs. R. Drake Covey
Hon. & Mrs. Jesse Crumbley
     Honor: Whitney Roberts
Ms. Jean Devine
Mr. & Mrs. Michael R. Doucette
Lt. GEN Walter D. Druen USAF (Ret.)
     Memory: Alpha Druen
Dr. James M. Elson
     Honor: Doug Harvey
Mr. & Mrs. Rodger W. Fauber
     Memory: J.E. Fauber, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. William E. Gayle, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard M. Geoghegan
Mr. & Mrs. Carter Glass, IV
Mrs. Doni C. Guggenheimer
Mr. & Mrs. David Hartman
     Honor: Joe Seiffert
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas K. Harvey
Dr. & Mrs. James C. Hunter, Jr.
Mrs. Elizabeth D. Hutter
Ms. Jenny Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Langley
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Leslie
Mr. Howard Ligon
Lynchburg Restoration, Inc.
Ms. Catherine Lynn
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Madden
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Mayo
Mr. William N. Mays
Mr. & Mrs. James. L. McDermott
Mrs. Hope McRorie
     Memory: William E. McRorie
Mr. H. Victor Millner, Jr.
Hon. Norman Moon
Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. Morris
     Memory: John & Elizabeth Morris
Mr. Richard T. Mosby
Ms. Betsy Nolan
     Memory: Ada McDaniel Nolan
Mr. & Mrs. Kimball Payne, III
Mr. & Mrs. David R. Scalf
Mr. Jack Schewel
Mr. Marc A. Schewel
Mr. & Mrs. Josepth Seiffert
     Honor: Ed Tinsley
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Shahady
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond D. Stokes
The Woman's Club of Lynchburg
Mr. Samuel Thomas
Mrs. Mary Norvell Thomson
Mr. & Mrs. John M. Turner, III
Ms. J. Marie Waller
Mr. & Mrs. Peter O. Ward, Jr.
     Honor: Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Mayo
Mr. & Mrs. Massie G. Ware, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John A. Watts
Mrs. Jane B. White
Hon. & Mrs. Paul Whitehead, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Wood
     Memory: Sally Sackett Walker

Total Contributions from August 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016: $16,799.23

James River Society ($1-$99)
Dr. & Mrs. Lewis A. Arthur
     Honor: Tom Ledford
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ayres
Mr. & Mrs. Alex W. Bell
     Honor: W. Alan Smith
Miss Mary Douglas Boldrick
Mrs. William T. Brunson, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Buhler
Mr. James J. Carrington
Mr. & Mrs. David Carrington
Dr. & Mrs. Charles J. Catalano
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas Crowther
Ms. Catherine C Dalton
Daughters of the American Revolution, Chapter 2076-VA
Mr. & Mrs. William Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Ethan DeSilvey
     Honor: Ed Tinsley
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Desmond, Jr.
     Memory: Dave Wallace
     Honor: Jean Desmond Wallace

Ms. Eleanor Dovel
Mr. John D. Doyle, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Driscoll
Mr. Cabell Dudley, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. B. Prescott Edmunds, Jr.
     Memory: Mr. & Mrs. B. Prescott Edmunds, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Robert I. Elliott
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Fielding
Ms. Kay Ellen Fielder
Mr. & Mrs. Garrett T. Ford
Dr. & Mrs. Parham R. Fox
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Freeman, III
Dr. Robert Galloway
     Honor: Lynn Dodge
Mr. & Mrs. James Garber
     Memory: Steve Garber
Mr. & Mrs. Don M. Giles
     Honor: Woody Moore
Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Glenn
Mr. Max Guggenheimer, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry A. Hampton
Mr. & Mrs. Garland Harper
Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Harrington
Drs. Norman & Joanna Harris
Mr. William Hildebrandt
Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Hodgdon
Dr. & Mrs. Harvey Huiner
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Huston
Dr. & Mrs. Christopher King
     Honor: Mr. & Mrs. Ken Harris
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth E. Layne
     Honor: Doug Harvey
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lembas
Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Lightle
Mrs. George G. Loving
Mr. & Mrs. H. Michael Lucado, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Mason
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mason
Mr. Edward McCann
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Meyer
Mr. & Mrs. Randolph Nelson
     Honor: Doug Harvey
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel J. O'Kane, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Osteen
Mrs. Helen E. Petrill
Mr. & Mrs. David T. Petty
Drs. Cilfton & Dorothy Potter
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Powell
Mr. & Mrs. Gareth Quale
Ms. La Verne Reid
     Memory: Henry McCray
Mr. John F. Richards
Dr. & Mrs. J. Mott Robertson, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Robinson
Capt. & Mrs. Jeffery W. Schneider
Mr. Richard Skulina
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Smallshaw
Mrs. Charlotte S. Smith
Dr. & Mrs. Eric J. Sorenson
Mrs. Edith Stadler
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Tweedy
     Honor: Helen Harvey, Doug & Debbie Harvey
Mr. & Mrs. James T. Wayt
Dr. & Mrs. Kyle W. Wheeler
Mr. Seymour Woodnick
Ms. Josephine B. Woods