Point of Honor  
Point of Honor exterior

Dr. George Cabell, one of Lynchburg’s most prominent citizens, friend of

Thomas Jefferson, and physician to Patrick Henry, completed

Point of Honor in 1815. The high style Federal mansion

exemplifies the way this distinguished Virginia family lived in early

nineteenth century Lynchburg.


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Lynchburg’s grand staircase, Monument Terrace, now has its own brochure. Monument Terrace has provided Lynchburg with a signature stage for speeches, parades and commemorations of all kinds since 1925.  Created as a memorial to local soldiers and sailors who died during World War I, the Terrace also serves as a majestic link between the downtown business district and Court Street.

Since 2001, a group of veterans have gathered every Friday at the base of Monument Terrace on Church Street to support our military forces. As part of the ongoing revitalization of downtown Lynchburg, discussions began between the veterans and the Lynchburg Museum at the Old Court House about a way to highlight the history of Monument Terrace to visitors and residents alike.

Over the last few months, Steve Bozeman with the Military Order of the Purple Heart, and Doug Harvey of the Lynchburg Museum, coordinated the creation of a brochure. Dr. Ernie Marshall provided photographic assistance to the project.

The brochure covers the history of Monument Terrace with photographs and information on the 11 different markers that line the steps. Steve Bozeman said, “This is a wonderful partnership with area veterans’ organizations and the Lynchburg Museum System.  We created this brochure to showcase the history of Monument Terrace and honor those veterans who served in the armed forces and paid the ultimate price.”

Brochures are available at the Lynchburg Museum (901 Court Street), City Hall (900 Church Street), Lynchburg Visitor Information Center (216 12th Street), Lynchburg Community Market (1219 Main Street) and in brochure boxes at the top and bottom of Monument Terrace.




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Point of Honor


The Lynchburg Museum

On February 1st, 2011, members of the City Council toured Point of Honor and the Lynchburg Museum.

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The Lynchburg Museum System has recently been awarded two grants totaling $9,400 from the Greater Lynchburg Community Trust and Walmart Foundation. The Community Trust grant of $7,400 will be used to replace specialized windows at Point of Honor. The current windows were installed in 1989 and over time have lost the ability to filter out ultra-violet rays in sunlight that damage textiles and furnishings. The new windows will be installed this winter to protect Point of Honor’s interior and decrease energy costs.

The Walmart Foundation’s grant of $2,000 will help fund children’s educational programs such as Night at the Museum and the Discover Lynchburg Summer Camp. Lynchburg Museum System Advisory and Foundation Board Chairman Rob Craighill noted, “These grants are greatly appreciated. They help us in accomplishing our mission of preserving the history of Lynchburg and sharing it with residents and visitors. We are fortunate to receive this support from local foundations and corporate partners.”





In 2009, members of the Museum Advisory and Foundation Board asked the Lynchburg Museum staff about making the clock and bell on the Old Court House functional again. The clock works in the attic had kept the City’s time from 1855 until 2001, but the mechanical parts often broke and the works required manual winding. At that point, the decision was made to explore an electric clock and bell ringer which would cost over $20,000.


The Board decided to raise the funds from the community and launched a campaign in March 2009. With the help of local residents, businesses, civic groups, and the Lynchburg Historical Foundation, over $21,000 was raised in just three months.  By December 2009, the clock once again kept time and the bell rang on the hour. 


The original flat bed tower clock works were made in New England and installed on St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at Seventh and Church Streets in 1835. In 1855, the church donated the clock and bell to the City of Lynchburg, and the works were installed in the attic. The clock and bell were powered by large weights that were cranked up by hand.  These weights slowly lowered inside two of the columns on the front of the building and this ran the clock and bell.


Once the modern mechanism was in place, Museum Curator Greg Krueger, volunteers, and Jim Harding of Harding’s Clocks began to clean and restore the historic works.  As the filth of 145 years was removed, the clock frame was found to have gold pin striping and decorative paint. The brass gears and wooden drums once again showed their original beauty, and Jim Harding made the clock operable for demonstrations. 


Museum System Receives Federal Grant

The Lynchburg Museum System has been awarded a federal grant of $2,993 from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).  Out of 177 applications, 54 projects across the nation were awarded funds as part of the American Heritage Preservation Grant program.


American Heritage Preservation Program grants are used by museums, libraries, and archives to help preserve items including works of art, artifacts, and historical documents. According to IMLS, there are nearly 190 million objects in American collections that are in need of preservation and conservation. 


The grant, written by Museum Curator Greg Krueger, will provide funding for acid free materials to house the growing collection of military uniforms, wedding dresses, quilts, and other textiles in the collection.  Krueger stated, “This grant will be a great help in enabling us to provide proper housing for some of our mostvaluable collections.”


The Institute of Museum and Library Services, headed by Anne-Imelda Radice, is the primary source of federal support for the nation’s 123,000 libraries and 17,500 museums.  The Institute’s mission is to create strong libraries and museums that connect people to information and ideas.

To learn more about the IMLS, please visit www.imls.gov



The Muse News is published quarterly as the newsletter of the Lynchburg Museum System.

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Lynchburg Museum System Advisory Board Meetings are held every other month on the 2nd Wednesday, at the Museum, and start at 4:00 p.m.



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