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Lynchburg Museum Hires a New Director

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The City of Lynchburg’s Office Economic Development and Tourism is pleased to announce that Ted Delaney has been selected as the new Director of the Lynchburg Museum System and Chief Public History Officer (CPHO).

Delaney was the Executive Director of the Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg for four years before beginning his new job with the Museum System in late March. He succeeds Douglas K. Harvey who retired after 12 years of service in late 2017. According to Delaney, “This is an incredible opportunity for me to take my passion for local history to a higher level, for the greater good of the entire city.”

The Lynchburg Museum System includes the Old Court House on Court Street and Point of Honor in the Daniel’s Hill neighborhood. It is responsible for preserving over 40,000 artifacts and sharing Lynchburg’s history with 25,000 visitors each year, including over 4,000 school students. The Museum System is managed by the City of Lynchburg in partnership with the non-profit Lynchburg Museum Foundation and Advisory Board.

Delaney began his work in Lynchburg at Old City Cemetery after graduating from the University of Virginia in 2000. He was hired as its first Archivist and Curator and later promoted to Assistant Director and Executive Director. He is the co-author of Free Blacks of Lynchburg, Virginia, 1805–1865, and has written, consulted, and lectured extensively about local history and genealogy. He currently serves on the boards of Historic Sandusky and Opera on the James.

Delaney’s role as the Chief Public History Officer underscores a new City initiative to encourage collaboration and partnership between Lynchburg’s many historic sites. The CPHO will be a resource to facilitate joint projects, create efficiencies in historical activities, and share knowledge between public and private sectors. Delaney will also help to connect artists and cultural projects within the City’s historic spaces. He added, “I am very excited about finding creative ways to connect our community with its history, whether it’s within museum walls, on unexpected street corners, or online with digital media.”

One major project on Delaney’s agenda already underway is the renovation of the grounds of Point of Honor, a striking mansion built in 1815 by Dr. George Cabell and meticulously restored in the 1970’s. The Lynchburg Museum Foundation is leading a capital campaign for a new education center which will be a 1,700 square foot expansion of the Carriage House along Norwood Street. The new facility will provide a multi-purpose space with a catering kitchen, an elevator for ADA compliance, and additional restrooms and water fountains for the many events held on the grounds. In addition, the Garden Club of Virginia is in the process of designing a new, historically-appropriate garden behind the main house. The large, rectangular garden will include new trees, plant beds, walking paths and benches. Both projects will enhance the beauty and attractiveness of the property for a wide range of events, from school tours to weddings to outdoor theater.

New in 2017, the Lynchburg Museum System is managed under the Office of Economic Development and Tourism for the City of Lynchburg. This structure takes advantage of the natural synergy between tourism promotion and the City’s history, maximizing Lynchburg’s historic sites as strong drivers of tourism and economic activity.



The Lynchburg Museum Foundation has received a $50,000 Challenge Grant for the Education Center at Point of Honor from the Mary Morton Parsons Foundation. This challenge must be met by November of 2018. Please help us meet this challenge with your gifts to the campaign. Gifts to be matched should reference the grant by name in the memo section of your check or by note.

The Lynchburg Junior Woman's Club has generously given a pledge to the Education Center at Point of Honor in the amount of $10,000. This gift will be paid over five years.

As we enter 2018 and learn the various rules that come with the new tax law, please know that for those who must take the required minimum distributions from your IRA's, that that money can still be given directly from your IRA to a charity or charities of your choice. If the gift is made directly from the IRA to a charity, you will not be taxed on that distribution as ordinary income. If you have questions about gifts from your IRA or other questions about gifts to charity, please consult your tax advisors.

Please send gifts to help make the Education Center at Point of Honor possible to the Lynchburg Museum Foundation, P.O. Box 529, Lynchburg, VA 24505


Point of Honor has seen a dramatic increase in visitors in recent years in field trips for students, tourism and special events. Over 13,300 people visited in FY 2017, up from 9,200 in FY 2016.  Events such as Day at the Point and the Easter Egg Hunt attract over 2,500 each. Educational programs now serve five full grade levels (nearly 4,000 students) of the Lynchburg City Schools, in addition to private and regional schools and home-schoolers. There is also increasing demand for meetings, weddings and community events that the current facilities cannot support. None of the three buildings on the property meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. 

To accommodate this growth, the Lynchburg Museum Foundation is funding the Point of Honor Education Center with a 1,700 sq. ft. addition to the Carriage House.  The Education Center will add a large meeting space, catering kitchen and pantry and additional restrooms. A new elevator will connect the Gift Shop to the expanded second floor and an at-grade pathway will link the Center to parking on Norwood Street. With these enhancements, the Education Center and the Carriage House will be ADA compliant for the first time. 

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