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Interning at the Lynchburg Museum


At the Lynchburg Museum we are pleased to offer a variety of unpaid internships to undergraduate students interested in careers in education, history, and museum studies. Our internships are designed to give students real world experience in their chosen major. Internships are available throughout the school year and during the summer for college credit/ not for credit depending on your school's requirements.

Available projects

Social Media - The intern will research the holdings of the Lynchburg Museum System (LMS) archive to find "On this day in Lynchburg history" tweets and posts. The intern will create a spreadsheet to organize the tweets/posts and keep track of when they are posted.

Cataloging Museum Records - This internship focuses on proper maintenance of catalog records and the importance of data entry. The intern will create individual records for a collection and scan any documents or photos required, attaching the media to the individual record. Experience with Past Perfect software is preferred but not necessary.

Education Program Development - The intern will work closely with our Museum Educator to create programs for the Museum's new summer event: Family Fridays. The ideal candidate will be able to assist with Family Fridays in June, July, and August. As part of the project, the intern will be responsible for creating a budget for any planned activities. 

Photo Uploading - The intern will assist with uploading the Museum's collection of photographs. The Museum's photographic collection contains over 12,000 images related to the history of Lynchburg and Central Virginia. The majority of the Museum's images are from the first half of the twentieth century. Work on this project includes scanning, uploading, and identifying photographs.

Research & Writing - The intern will select an area of Lynchburg history to research in-depth to create an online exhibit on the topic and a 500 word blog. This internship is designed for participants with strong independent research skills. The intern will use the Museum's archives to find photos to accompany the online exhibit and blog. 

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Application Deadlines

Spring Internship - January 16, 2020
Summer Internship - June 5, 2020
Fall Internship - September 1, 2019

Intern Qualifications

  • Research, writing, and speaking skills

  • Computer skills with Microsoft Office

  • 3.0 GPA or better

  • Ability to engage the public

  • Interest in History / Museum Studies / Public History / Non-profits / Education

  • Positive attitude

  • Good work ethic

  • Professional dress

Application Process

If interested in any of the above internships, please send the following information to museum@lynchburgva.gov

1. Indicate which internship you are interested in
2. Personal information including: name, address, school, phone number, and email address
3. School information including: major/minor, GPA, faculty adviser, and expected graduation date
4. 250 words or less on how interning at the Lynchburg Museum System will benefit your chosen career path or major/minor. Why do you want to intern at the Museum?
5. Please also include your start date and if you would like to complete the internship for credit.