Point of Honor

Hands-On Programs

The Museum has created hands-on programs based on the Virginia Standards of Learning to help students reinforce what they are learning in the classroom. Below is a list of those programs and descriptions to help you plan your visit to Point of Honor.

Please contact Museum Educator, Whitney Roberts by calling 434-455-4424 or by emailing whitney.roberts@lynchburgva.gov for more information on these programs or to plan your educational trip to Point of Honor. For more information visit our Field Trip page.

  • House Tour:

    • All students are taken on a guided tour of Dr. George Cabell's 1815 home.
  • Candle Making:

    • Students are able to make his/her own candle to take home. This activity reinforces that during the early 19th century homes did not have electricity and light came from oil lamps, candles, or natural light.
  • Tinsmithing:

    • During the early 19th century candles were one of the only light sources for the Cabell family. People carried candles in candle holders or in tin lanterns with patterns punched into them to allow light to shine through the holes. Students will be able to create his/her own pattern on aluminum foil to see how light shines through.
  • Quill Pen Writing

    • In the early 19th century people wrote using ink and quill pens. Students will look at handwritten documents from the early 1800's and try to read what was written. Students will then practice writing the alphabet to get more comfortable with quill pens and ink