Christmas Open House at Point of Honor

  • Point of Honor 112 Cabell Street Lynchburg, VA, 24504 United States

On Sunday, December 4th from noon until 4:00 p.m., Point of Honor will host its 34th Annual Christmas Open House, presenting one of Lynchburg’s architectural jewels decorated for the holiday season. The home was built in 1815 by the Dr. George Cabell family and is an elegant example of Federal architecture. Admission is free.

For the first time, Point of Honor will celebrate Christmas during the Late Victorian Era. Queen Victoria of England ruled from 1837-1901 and the Late Victorian Era is generally considered to be 1880-1900. This was a time of great change in America, with telephones and electricity becoming wide spread in urban areas along with street cars and better access to shopping and services.

From 1878-1928, Point of Honor was home to the Lichford family. Lewis E. Lichford and his wife Nannie Strange Lichford lived there during the late 19th century and their son, Lewis E. Lichford, Jr. was born at Point of Honor in 1882. The family was involved in the grocery and beverage industry for many years and Lewis, Jr. served as Mayor of Lynchburg from 1934-1942 and again in 1945.

By the 1860s, large numbers of German immigrants had brought Santa Claus, the hanging of stockings, and the Christmas tree to America where they quickly became widespread traditions. Christmas became much more festive than the sedate holiday celebrated when the Cabells lived at Point of Honor from 1815 to 1830.

During the Open House, Riddle on the Harp will perform period carols with a sing-along in the parlor which has become a Lynchburg tradition in its own right. The T.C. Miller Singing Eagles will be caroling on the grounds. The dining room and other areas in the house will exhibit food and table settings from a typical holiday bill of fare from 1890. Refreshments will be served in the Carriage House where children can decorate their own Christmas cards and Santa is expected to make an appearance!

The Gift Shop will offer 20% off during the event on unique gifts such as books, prints, Lynchburg Christmas cards, ceramics, and other special gift items, all with a Lynchburg connection. For more information, call 455-6226 or 847-1867, or visit the Lynchburg Museum System on Facebook or on Twitter at LburgMuse.

Media: Lynchburg Garden Clubs will be decorating the home on Friday, December 2nd beginning at 10 am if photos are desired.