Point of Honor

Physical Disability Accomodations


Physical Disability Accommodations

In accordance with Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Point of Honor faces some limitations in accommodating visitors with physical disabilities.

A small set of stairs leading into and out of the house is the minimum you must be able to navigate in order to see the main level of the house. A typical visit involves many more.

Carriage House

Guests typically enter on the ground floor of the Carriage House gift shop, and after admission is paid, an introductory video is shown on the second floor. There is no elevator in the Carriage House. If you would like to avoid the stairs in the Carriage House, limited parking is available in a staff lot located behind the main house off B Street.* From this lot, you can follow a path to the second floor entrance which is a set of four glass doors. A staff member will come upstairs and assist with admission payment. This path is sloped, however, and may prove hard to maneuver depending on the weather.

Main House

Small sets of stairs are used to enter and exit the main house. Once inside, there is seating available in every room on the main floor. Stairs are the only way to access the second floor, and there is limited seating on this level. You may choose to only tour the main floor of the house, which takes approximately 30 minutes. A tour of the second floor takes approximately 15 minutes.


The grounds at Point of Honor are mostly smooth terrain. However, given the house’s location at the top of a hill, most of the terrain is sloped. Stone steps are used to access the grounds from the parking lot. These steps can be avoided by parking in the smaller staff lot located behind the main house off B Street.*[KE2]  The stone walkways can be uneven and depending on weather and disability may be uncomfortable for some to navigate.


Handicap accessible restrooms are available on the ground floor of the Carriage House.

 If you have any questions about physical disability accommodations or would like to plan a visit specifically designed for someone with a physical disability, please call (434) 847-1867 to speak with a staff member about your visit.